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What is an IB Education?

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What does an IB education provide?

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Primary Years Programme   and   The PYP in Practice
Middle Years Programme   and   MYP Learners connect their studies to real life
Diploma Programme   and   The Value of an IB Education - Stanford Dean of Admissions
Career-related Programme and   The Career-related Programme’s flexible framework for personalized learning
What is an IB education?

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Key Findings for the Primary Years Programme
Student thinking and learning in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) transdisciplinary framework: Case studies from PYP schools
Key Findings for the Middle Years Programme
Alignment and coherence of language acquisition development in the Middle Years Programme
A comparison of MYP and non-MYP students’ participation and performance in high school
Key Findings for the Diploma Programme
Working to My Potential: Experiences of Chicago Public Schools students in the IB Diploma Programme

International Baccalaureate programmes in Title 1 schools in the United States: Accessibility, participation and university enrollment
Developing academic persistence in the IB Diploma Programme: Educational strategies and associated personality traits
Career-related Programme - where are CP students going to college? These findings are a credit to the interconnected nature of IB programmes and the approaches to teaching and learning.
The Career-related Programme at a glance

Career oriented and university bound: higher education outcomes of IB Career-related Programme graduates in the US

How can IB prepare students who are interested in STEM?

STEM and IB – University of British Columbia
Engaging in Math – A Parent perspective
Ganech Annan – Computer Science Senior at Virginia Tech

  • The importance of interdisciplinary connections across the educational experience for deepening understanding in STEM contexts

Victor Scotti (featured IB Diploma alumni) – from IB to Google

  • Attended IB in a public school in IL, went to University of Pennsylvania and now works for Google.
  • Developing the whole person in order to produce highly skilled and compassionate contributors.

Samantha Nixon (featured IB Diploma alumni) – Biological researcher

  • Working in the field of Molecular Bioscience
  • The IB enabled Samantha to pursue a science focus in high school and language.

Nisag Shah – PhD candidate at MIT

  • The project centered nature of IB education provided opportunities for Nisag to pursue his interests, particularly in the Extended Essay research process. An opportunity to explore and develop theories.
  • The global quality prepared Nisag for the challenges ahead, and was well recognized by the university.

Cormac O’Neill – Caltech Engineer (video)

  • Working to develop the sensitivity of wind detectors
  • The IB taught him to challenge real learning

Gina Ekaputri – Civil engineer

  • Why all subject areas, including the humanities impact preparation for STEM related careers.
  • The value of the IB learner profile integration in daily learning

International day of women and girls in science

Featuring: Founder of 23 Code Street, Primary Years Programme students winning global App award, and examples of how the approaches to learning authentically nurture curiosity and develop inquiry.

Shine in Science

  • Maria Gabrani of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory investigates why there are less opportunities in STEM related fields for women then there are for men.
  • A reflection of how aspects of the IB experience are flexible enough for students to explore their interests.
  • perhaps you could have a small section with a couple of links (maybe some of the student stories) and then a link to a form that leads them to the campaign you are creating (a find out more)?

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Professional Development Catalogue
Short “Nano” Professional Development – online FREE

  • Investigating Inquiry
  • Living and learning globally
  • Beyond the disciplines
  • Approaches to learning

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Fourth Industrial Revolution – The World Economic Forum
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